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Letter from A.J.E. Cave to Professor G.A.G. Mitchell, 24 July 1967, donating writings and drawing of Elliot Smith (GES/2 and GES/3) and a framed photograph of Smith [not found]. Cave says papers were found during a clear out and he felt they should go to Manchester. He informs Mitchell he has recently been awarded the D.Sc. from the University of London and been made professor emeritus.

In his reply (copy letter), 31 July 1967, Mitchell thanks for the donation and refers to the Piltdown letter (GES/1/1) as "a fascinating example of the semi-scientific pressure akin to the techniques used in politics and big-business". He recalls that Frederick Wood Jones had told him of the pressure applied by Smith Woodward and Smith on Piltdown sceptics like [David] Waterston [professor of anatomy at King's College, London]. Jones also recalled Arthur Keith's doubts about Piltdown but that in the end he preferred to "on the fence". Mitchell says that Keith never discussed Piltdown with him. He had given Mitchell some of his papers which he passed on to Aberdeen and St Andrew's Universities, but nothing relating to Piltdown. Mitchell adds that Keith considered him as a potential biographer, and feels that if all correspondence relating to Piltdown was made available a "very informative and amusing article" could be written.