View of Festival of Britain Information Centre taken from behind plant on the right of AAD/1994/2/5/86 and taking in whole map of England, desk arrangement, curtains from Jacqueline Groag's textile design, sloping ceiling with spotlights and entrance corridor painted in geometric abstract pattern

Scope and Content

Annotated with stamp: 'R.H. de BURGH-GALWEY, Institute of British Photographers (signed) Secretary', and in ink photograph no. 3573/6, together with pencilled 'F.O.B. Inf. Centre, J. Groag F.R.S.A., F.S.I.A., Dip. Ing. Arch., 30 Lawn Rd. Flats N.W.3' in one hand and in another, possibly Jacqueline Groag's, 'Festival of Britain London, 1951'.

See also: AAD/1994/2/5/85 to AAD/1994/2/5/86 and AAD/1994/2/24/1 to AAD/1994/2/24/3.