Records of Working Parties and Sub-committees of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Scope and Content

Records of RCOG working parties and sub-committees, covering a variety of activities relating to the remit of the College, and including minutes of meetings, correspondence, papers and published reports.

This collection of material consists of the records of the following working parties and committees:

RCOG/M1 - Macafee ad hoc committee on training for the specialty, 1961-1967

RCOG/M2 - Working party on intimate examinations, 1996-2002

RCOG/M3 - Early discharge survey, 1962-1963

RCOG/M4 - Working party to consider the Platt Report 'A Reform of Nursing Education', 1965

RCOG/M5 - Records of Sir John Peel relating to the caesarean section survey, 1967-1968

RCOG/M6 - Working group in reproductive health and community gynaecology, 1991-1993

RCOG/M7 - Working party on unplanned pregnancy, 1969-1971

RCOG/M8 - Sub-committee considering the College's future attitude to contraception, 1977-1978

RCOG/M9 - Working party to consider effective representation within the RCOG, 1995-1996

RCOG/M10 - Working party on screening for neural tube defects, 1977-1979

RCOG/M11 - Working party on overseas affairs, 1994-1995

RCOG/M12 - Working party on further specialisation within obstetrics and gynaecology, 1980-1982

RCOG/M13 - Working party on termination of pregnancy for fetal abnormality, 1995-1996

RCOG/M14 - Working party to consider the impact of changing skillmix on clinical practice, 1996-1997

RCOG/M15 - Working party on evidence to the Royal Commission on the National Health Service, 1976-1977

RCOG/M16 - Working party on stillbirth and neonatal death and management of perinatal deaths, 1978-1986

RCOG/M18 - Working party on consultants: planning for the future, 1996-1999

RCOG/M19 - Working party on minimum standards of care in labour, 1993-1994

RCOG/M20 - Working group on policy for assisting trusts and doctors in cases of concern relating to standards of practice, 2000

RCOG/M21 - Working party on gynaecological laparoscopy, 1977-1982

RCOG/M22 - Working group on special skills training, 1999

RCOG/M23 - Working group on vulval cancer, 1993-1999

RCOG/M24 - Maternity services and obstetric services committee, 1951-1957

RCOG/M25 - Maternity unit planning committee, 1959-1960

RCOG/M26 - Sub-committee to consider 'A Hospital Plan for England and Wales', 1962

RCOG/M27 - General practitioner maternity unit committee, 1961-1962

RCOG/M28 - Maternity hospital planning sub-committee, 1969-1971

RCOG/M29 - Ad hoc committee on staffing structure of departments of obstetrics and gynaecology, 1971-1973

RCOG/M30 - Working party on medical gynaecology, 1982-1984

RCOG/M31 - Working party on manpower redistribution in training grades, 1978-1980

RCOG/M32 - Manpower advisory sub-committee, 1980-1983

RCOG/M33 - Working party on antenatal and intrapartum care, 1979-1983

RCOG/M34 - Working party on the role of women doctors in obstetrics and gynaecology, 1984-1987

RCOG/M35 - Committee on human fertility, including the questionnaire sub-committee, 1944-1949

RCOG/M36 - Sub-committee on the gynaecological aspects of the health of women war workers, 1942

RCOG/M37 - Nutrition committee, 1944-1947

RCOG/M38 - Response to the report of the Ministry of Health working party on ambulance training and equipment, 1966-1967

RCOG/M39 - RCOG and Simon Trust report on the sterilisation of women, 1967-1969

RCOG/M40 - Working party on unplanned pregnancy, 1989-1991

RCOG/M41 - Hospital visiting working party, 1993

RCOG/M42 - Working party on continuing medical education, 1988-1992

RCOG/M43 - LOGIC working party, 1984-1988

RCOG/M44 - Obstetric flying squads survey, 1980-1987

RCOG/M45 - Working party on guidelines for private practice in obstetrics and gynaecology in the UK, 1986-1990

RCOG/M46 - Response to the House of Commons Health Committee enquiry into maternity services, 1991-1992

RCOG/M47 - Submission to the London Implementation Group, following the Tomlinson Report, 1992-1993

RCOG/M48 - Independent committee of inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the publication of two articles in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 1994-1995

RCOG/M49 - Medical curriculum sub-committee, 1954

RCOG/M50 - Futures working party, 1989-1991

RCOG/M51 - MRCOG working party, 1991

RCOG/M52 - Working party on structured training, 1993

RCOG/M53 - Working party to audit structured training, 1999-2000

RCOG/M54 - DRCOG working party, 1993

RCOG/M55 - Working party on ultrasound screening for fetal abnormalities, 1995-2000

RCOG/M56 - Computer advisory sub-committee, 1982-1990

RCOG/M57 - Working Party on Gynaecological Examinations: Guidelines for Specialist Practice, 2002

RCOG/M58 - Working Party on Fetal Awareness, 1997-2010

RCOG/M59 - Working Party on 'The Future Role of the Consultant', 2005

RCOG/M60 - Working Party on Advanced Specialist Training, 2004-2007

RCOG/M61 - Data and Workforce Working Party, 2006-1007

RCOG/M62 - Working Group on Good Medical Practice, 1999

RCOG/M63 - Working group on bridging the gap between appraisal and assessment, 2006

RCOG/M64 - Working Party on the Role of Regional College Advisors, 2008

RCOG/M65 - Working Party to Review Logbooks, 2002

RCOG/M66 - Working Party on Further Training for Doctors in Difficulty, 2002

RCOG/M67 - Working Party on Special Skills Training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 2002

RCOG/M68 - Working Party on Recommendations for Service Provision and Standards in Colposcopy, 1999

RCOG/M69 - Working Party on the Storage of Ovarian and Prepubertal Testicular Tissue, 2000

RCOG/M70 - Working Party on Revalidation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 2000

RCOG/M71 - Working Party on Continuing Professional Development, 2000

RCOG/M72 - Sub-group Commissioned to Enquire into Current and Proposed Training Programmes, 1993

RCOG/M73 - Working Party on the Future Structure of the Medical Workforce and Service Delivery in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 2000

RCOG/M74 - Working Party on Standards for Gynaecology, 2008

RCOG/M75 - Working party on special skills training, 2002

RCOG/M76 - Working party to Prepare Submission to the Independent Enquiry into Inequalities in Health, 1997

RCOG/M77 - Working Group on Equal Opportunities, 2002-2005

RCOG/M78 - Working Party on Performance and Service Reviews, 2006-2007

RCOG/M79 - Working Party on the Future Workforce in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 2009

RCOG/M80 - Working Party on Recertification in Obstetric and Gynaecology, 2009

RCOG/M81 - Working Party on Assessment of Surgical Skills, 2002-2003

Administrative / Biographical History

The mission of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists is to set standards to improve women's health and the clinical practice of obstetrics and gynaecology both in the UK and across the world. One of the principal means of achieving this aim is through the College's provision of education, training, assessment and professional development.

Special working groups or ad hoc committees and sub-committees were set up at various times, usually by Council or the Finance and Executive Committee, to investigate and report on particular issues of concern to the College. Servicing the working groups and committees was the responsibility of the College's Administration Department.


The natural arrangement of files and series is retained where possible.

Access Information

Permission is required from College senior management for external access to College records less than twenty years old: all other records are open by appointment, Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm. Email:

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Internal transfers from various sources: there are no records of direct source or date of transfer for most records in this sub-fonds.

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Archivist's Note

Record description compiled by Penny Bonning, Archivist, in May 2011.

Conditions Governing Use

Photocopies are available at the discretion of the College Archivist.

Copyright lies with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and permission to reproduce material should be sought via the College Archivist.

Appraisal Information

Duplicate and routine administrative material is removed where applicable by the College Archivist.

Custodial History

The immediate provenance of the majority of records in this collection is not known. Working party records were passed to the Archives over a period of years by a variety of College officers and departments. The transfers were rarely documented; the records were simply placed into the Archives' permanent collection. The implementation of proper procedures for recording transfers in the 1990s has meant that more recent transfers are correctly documented. The majority of working party records were subsequently transferred to the Archives by the Deputy College Secretary's Office, which had responsibility for providing a support service to most working parties, later the Corporate Affairs Department.

Not all working parties and special committees will be found in this collection of material; where special working parties were set up under the auspices of particular committees of the College or as joint ventures with other bodies they were as a rule allocated a separate series.


Additions to this collection are expected on a regular basis according to College record-keeping policies.

Related Material

Volume books of minutes of ad hoc committees and working parties may be found at RCOG/T.

Records of working parties set up under the auspices of the Audit Committee are at RCOG/B7; records of joint committees and working parties may be found at RCOG/C; and records of working groups set up under the Scientific Advisory Committee and its predecessors are at RCOG B10/9.