Notes and Drafts

Scope and Content

This section brings together papers relating to some of Morton's lecturing and publications output, together with notes and background material. There are seven series:

  • EMP/2/A: University Lecture Notes, 1911-1970s [bulk 1919-1960s];
  • EMP/2/B: Notes for Text Book, 1926-1934;
  • EMP/2/C: Notes for D.Sc. Thesis, 1928-1930s;
  • EMP/2/D: British Waterworks Association Lectures, 1928-1938;
  • EMP/2/E: Other Lectures, Talks and Articles, 1925-1954;
  • EMP/2/F: Offprints, 1926-1944;
  • EMP/2/G: Photographs, 1927-1932, n.d.