Foundation, Stability and Construction Problems

Scope and Content

This subsection documents a wide range of consultancy activities of Morton himself and, later, of Edgar Morton and Partner. There is a considerable variety of client and job, although there is a geographical concentration in the English counties of Lancashire and Cheshire and North Wales. There are subsidence cases, resulting from coal mining and salt extraction; sewerage schemes, particularly relating to land stability; refuse disposal; power plant developments, fossil fuel and nuclear; and housing developments.

The material was found in Morton's envelopes and folders, labelled by client or, occasionally, by job. It is presented in alphabetical order following the outline listing.

The material may include correspondence, plans and maps, draft and final reports, borehole logs, drilling logs, rainfall records, rock test data, calculations, tender documents, photographs, etc. Correspondence and key documents relating to any given project were generally kept in reverse chronological order and this arrangement has been retained.

Where there is significant material relating to a collaborating engineering, surveying or similar company, this is indicated in parentheses.