Contents of scrapbook 2

Scope and Content

Marjorie Garrod's second scrapbook principally contained letters sent to AEFH by authors, journalists, playwrights, critics, actors, managers and various other prominent figures of the day; some notes and cuttings relating to the correspondents are also included. AEFH selected these letters to send to her cousin, who she knew was interested in collecting autographs and letters written by famous people. The letters themselves largely relate to theatrical matters and include: letters from dramatists offering AEFH their plays for production or responding to letters of rejection from AEFH; expressions of admiration for plays produced by AEFH and for her theatrical work in general; discussions of contemporary drama; correspondence relating to theatre business, such as requests for references or production dates, and letters responding to queries and requests made by AEFH; also a small number of letters from friends, written on a more personal note.


It seems that Marjorie Garrod kept her collection of letters in more or less alphabetical order within the 34-page scrapbook, although a bundle stored at the back of the volume contained letters which were not in any order and were possibly added later. It is clear from letters to Marjorie (listed in AEFH/4/3/4) that the collection was constantly being augmented over the years: as AEFH came across letters in her possession which she thought may be of interest, she sent them to her cousin, often with a few lines explaining the content and the identity of the writer. For ease of reference, and with the aim of maintaining original order as far as possible, Garrod's alphabetical arrangement has been retained, although slightly altered here and there so the letters are strictly alphabetical by surname of correspondent. The additional bundle from the end of the volume has also been integrated into the alphabetical sequence. All former page numbers are noted, as are letters which came from the additional bundle, so it is possible to reconstruct the order of the scrapbook. Some of the letters listed here are discussed or referred to by AEFH in her letters to Marjorie Garrod listed in AEH/4/3/4, and where this is the case, cross references have been given.

All letters are to AEFH unless stated otherwise.