Family correspondence

Scope and Content

This sub-subgroup contains letters sent by AEFH over a long period to various members of the Pierce and Garrod families, her cousins, the longest series being those sent to Marjorie Garrod who compiled this collection. Their contents embrace a wide range of topics, including: AEFH's work at the Gaiety Theatre and elsewhere; her opinions on drama in general and on new plays and books; information on various well-known figures in the world of theatre and the arts; news of her other activities, such as continental travels and visits to friends, as well as domestic matters and family affairs.


These letters were originally stored together in a separate envelope at the back of the second scrapbook, being arranged in more or less chronological order, with a note by Elizabeth Cade stating the identity of each recipient, of whom there are 4: Louisa Hamilton, AEFH's second cousin (sister of Mary Isabella Pierce); Dr Bedford Pierce (husband of Mary Isabella); Mary Isabella Pierce herself - another second cousin; and Marjorie Garrod (née Pierce, the daughter of Mary Isabella and Bedford). For ease of reference the letters have been organized into 4 classes according to recipient and within each class are placed in chronological order.

An illustration of AEFH's relationship to the individuals who figure in the family correspondence can be found in the family tree which forms part of the Garrod collection, reference AEH/4/1/1/1/11.