Contents of scrapbook 1

Scope and Content

This sub-subgroup consists of the material kept by Marjorie Garrod in her first 37-page scrapbook. It includes family letters and papers, photographs, a small number of letters to AEFH from writers, and material relating to various aspects of her career. Also included are items collected by Marjorie after AEFH's death, such as letters to Marjorie about AEFH, and papers relating to drama festivals celebrating AEFH's work for the repertory movement.


For ease of reference, the material has been arranged into 11 classes, some of which are composite (items relating to a particular event, subject or sphere of AEFH's life), and others determined by physical characteristics (such as newscuttings which do not easily fit into any particular subject category, and theatre programmes). As far as possible, the archivist has tried to retain the groupings made by Marjorie Garrod in her scrapbook, although this has been slightly altered in some cases. Every item has a note of its former reference, corresponding to the page in the scrapbook to which it was originally attached, thereby enabling readers to reconstruct the order of the scrapbook if desired.

The series are as follows:

  • /1 Family papers.
  • /2 Theatre programmes.
  • /3 Papers relating to AEFH's honorary M.A.
  • /4 Letters from John Masefield.
  • /5 Letters from Stanley Houghton.
  • /6 Material relating to AEFH's Companion of Honour award.
  • /7 Papers relating to the 50th anniversary of the Gaiety Theatre opening.
  • /8 Papers relating to Priaulx Rainier.
  • /9 Papers relating to the Horniman Festival at the Greenwich Theatre.
  • /10 Newscuttings.
  • /11 Miscellaneous material.