Papers Relating to Harold St.John


The papers were found to be arranged in eight categories as described below, though some stray items have been allocated to a category. Within these groups the papers have been put into chronological order. However, section 1 is first arranged according to addressee. In section 4, it was found that the notes had been put into an order corresponding to their content as lectures relating to particular books of the Bible, but there was no consistent order within this arrangement. The notes were therefore arranged chronologically after the Biblical arrangement, except for CBA 5710(223) and (224) which were left intact as two bundles. The catalogue is divided into the following sections:

  • 1. Letters, CBA 5710(1-49)
  • 2. Photographs, negatives and postcards, CBA 5710(50-57)
  • 3. Notebooks, CBA 5710(58-61)
  • 4. Notes for lectures given at various named places in Britain and abroad on Isaiah, Galatians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Hebrews and others, CBA 5710(62-224)
  • 5. Typescripts and MSS. of addresses and articles, CBA 5710 (225-304)
  • 6. Tracts by H. St.John and printed articles [extracted from periodicals] by H. St.John, CBA 5710(305-307)
  • 7. Printed articles [extracted from periodicals and books] by others, CBA 5710(92) & (308)
  • 8. Miscellaneous items, CBA 5710(309-310)