From Rowland L. Watson

Scope and Content

These letters were donated to Battersea Public Library, now Wandsworth Heritage Service, by R. L. Watson. Also held is a microfilm copy created by the British Library, purchased for R. George Thomas' research.

The microfilm copy is stored at Humanities Microfilm 18, but for ease of use, printed copies of all letters are held in the archives.

Any letters which were originally written in pencil have not had sufficent contrast to be reproduced adequately on microfilm and as such around 20% of letters on the microfilm are illegible. Photocopies were ordered from the Wandsworth Heritage Service in 2010 to replace those illegible letters. The Notes field indicates whether paper copies have been made from microfilm or from the originals held in Wandsworth. Most letters have been transcribed in Eleanor Farjeon's memoirs, 'Edward Thomas: The Last Four Years' (1958).

The letters appear on the catalogue in the date order in which they appear in Eleanor Farjeon's book, rather than the order in which they have been placed by Wandsworth Heritage Service. Eleanor Farjeon, as well as her memory of incidents described in the letters, had access to envelopes with postmarks (many now missing) which make her chronology more likely to be accurate. Numbers allocated by Wandsworth Heritage Service apear in the Alt_Ref_No field.