Scope and Content

Press cuttings:

'An Easter Poet', unknown author, 11 Apr 1941.

'Something to be Spared', Radio Times listing from 25 Apr 1988, of a radio play which dramatised the lives of Edward and Helen Thomas, Robert Frost and Eleanor Farjeon.

'A plaque marks the spot: Soldier poet won fame after death', from the Evening Standard, about the erection of a blue plaque on 61 Shelgate Road, Battersea.

'Greens out, locals in', Colin Dunne, 28 Jan 1989, from The Times. About a local backlash against conservationist moves in Petersfield, Hampshire, invoking the poetry of Edward Thomas which was inspired by the 'unmanaged' nature of the countryside. Sent by Myfanwy Thomas to R. George Thomas.

'Edward Thomas, was he a war poet?', Richard Gates, Western Mail, 25 Feb 1978

Letter to the Editor, repudiating statements made in an article regarding Edward Thomas' marriage and economic circumstances, by J. H. B. Peel.

'Georgian but not 'Georgian'', letter to the Editor by Myfanwy Thomas, Radio Times, 18 Mar 1978.

'John Vaizey on poetry: the medium and the message'

'Remembering a poet who died at Arras' by Patrick O'Donovan, The Observer, 5 Mar 1978