Lecture notes

Scope and Content

A bundle containing notes for talks on Anglo-Welsh literature, an Oxford lecture on ET (31 Oct 1998), and a Gregynog lecture 'Edward Thomas as man, critic and poet' (4 Dec 1975).

Another bundle titled 'Edward Thomas - Now. Outline for a lecture - given'.

A hardback notebook containing notes for a lecture at Lincoln College, Oxford.

A bundle containing notes for 'The Poetry of Edward Thomas' at Yr Academi Gymraeg, Lampeter, September 1976.

A bundle titled 'Various talks. 1/ Edward Thomas's Poetry Now 2/ Man as Poet 3/ Analysis of 'Poems' 4/ Edward Thomas - as seen through his letters. Steep, 4 Mar 1978; Wrexham, April 1979; Cardiff College, May 1979; Stirling, 25 Oct 1980; Dundee, 26 Oct 1980.'

A bundle of notes titled 'keep for Extra-Mural', i.e. talks for continuing education/lifelong learning students.

Notes on 'Hardy and Edward Thomas, Poet' for eighth Hardy Conference at Dorchester, 26 Jul 1988.

Notes on 'A Refusal to Mourn: Poetry of Edward Thomas' for Dylan Thomas Society at Swansea, 6 Dec 1986.