Typescript 'Memories of Edward Thomas by his friends'

Scope and Content

'Memories of Edward Thomas by his friends'. Extracts from published works by E. C. Bentley (a member of the History Eighth at St Paul's School), E. S. P. Haynes, Norman G. Brett-James, R. A. Scott-James, Gordon Bottomley, David Garnett, Arthur Ransome, Henry W. Nevinson, W. H. Davies, James Guthrie, John Freeman, Walter de la Mare, James Milne, Clifford Bax, Ernest Rhys, Thomas Seccombe, Duncan Williams, J. H. Morgan, Norman Douglas, W. H. Hudson, Ashley Gibson, Thomas Burke, Mrs Joseph Conrad, John W. Haines and Eleanor Farjeon, with memorial poems by J. Gwili Jenkins, Julian Thomas, Gordon Bottomley, William H. Davies, Walter de la Mare (2), Vivian Locke Ellis, Wilfred Gibson, James Guthrie (2), Charles Dalmon, Frederick Niven, Robert Frost, Eleanor Farjeon, Kenneth Morris, John Gawsworth, Teresa Hooley (2), Basil Dowling, Sylvia Townsend Warner, Alun Lewis, Ralph Lawrence and Humbert Wolfe.