Friends of the Dymock Poets

Scope and Content

Founded in 1993

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The Friends of the Dymock Poets

In the years leading up to the First World War, literary history was being made around the village of Dymock in the valley of the River Leadon.

Six poets were walking and talking, reading and writing here between May Hill in Gloucestershire and the Malvern Hills in Herefordshire.

They were:

Lascelles Abercrombie

Rupert Brooke

John Drinkwater

Robert Frost

Wilfrid Gibson

Edward Thomas

The Friends of the Dymock Poets celebrates the lives and work of these six poets and their relationship with the Dymock area.

The Friends of the Dymock Poets (FDP) was founded in 1993 to:

- foster an interest in the work of the Dymock poets

- help preserve places and things associated with the Dymock poets

- keep members informed of literary and other matters relating to the Dymock poets

- help protect the border countryside of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire

- increase knowledge and appreciation of the landscape between May Hill and the Malvern Hills