Creative Drama with children

Scope and Content

This section consists of photographs representing work with children mainly at the EDA Drama Centre in Rea Street, Birmingham, including improvisations, dance and theatre, and covering all ages from infant to secondary.

The photographs are divided into several groups, which are; 

  • /1 Dance and improvisation at Rea St Drama Centre (marked with red stickers and labelled A);
  • /2 Improvisation with infant and junior children (marked with blue stickers and labelled B);
  • /3 Dance and (some polished) improvisation work with secondary children (marked with green stickers and labelled C);
  • /4 Improvisation with infant and junior children (including photo strips and numbered according to them);
  • /5 Playgrounds, including the Birmingham Adventure Playground, the playground at Reaside County Primary School (the building of which is shown in a photograph scrapbook), and a playground at St John's Wood in London;
  • /6 Plays/polished improvisations performed by Reaside County Primary School;
  • /7 Entitled "Rea St Juniors", and showing group improvisation;
  • /8 8-9 year olds improvisation for speech practice;
  • /9 Used in Experience of Spontaneity;
  • /10 Taken at Sheldon Heath Comprehensive for A Chance for Everyone? and including a handwritten list;
  • /11 Used in Borne Drama (with numbers and labels on the reverse).
  • /12 Miscellaneous.