Scope and Content

Large bundle of papers, including articles, pamphlets, manuscripts etc. prepared by Slade for inclusion in a proposed archive of his work in America, and later in Durham. Many of the items are recorded in a list written by Slade, and are of 'historical' interest; this includes the first copy of Creative Drama and an even earlier pamphlet of the EDA entitled Children's Theatre, proposed plans of an early drama centre, the folder prepared for Slade at the first International Conference of Children's Theatre in 1964, and the original manuscript of Child Drama along with the permissions.

The remainder is mentioned in the list as 'a pile about two inches thick of MSS letters, articles and notes I have been keeping for you for over a year', and is most interesting for the manuscript and typescript versions of speeches and articles, such as 'Freedom in Education?', 'Creative Drama and ESP', 'Drama and the Adolescent', 'Theatre for Young People', 'Music and Dance', 'Drama in the Playground', 'Drama as an Aid to Fuller Experience', 'Literacy and Life', 'Forty Years of Theatre', and 'Education of the Emotions and the Spirit'. Also included is a good deal of correspondence from the late sixties and the seventies, some of which is extremely useful as a further illustration of Slade's practices and beliefs. This remains a section of the collection which should be browsed!


The bundle consists of four boxes of documents; box one contains the specific listed material, box two the manuscript and permissions for Child Drama, box three the notes for Natural Dance and the file on the International Conference of Children's Theatre, and box four the unlisted miscellaneous material. This separation should make it easier to peruse this large bundle, and readers should request the specific boxes they wish to see.