Files of correspondence and papers mostly from EAB's time as Vice-Chancellor

Scope and Content

The files are labelled: defence; degrees; new wing of Cavendish laboratory; lowering of age of calling up, college servants, chancellor; Proctorial syndicate; radio personnel; RE course 1940; Commissioner W. Spens; Conant, Wilkie, Benes, VC's party; courses for Dominion and American forces in Cambridge 1942-44; Home Guard medical; Greece, war, Mansion House meeting 1940-41; Pickthorn, Cambridge in war; financial bd; reservation; miscellaneous: letter to Times, the new policy in war time, Nevins' visit, women students worse in wartime; Extra-Mural Board 1940-41; tutorial representatives 1940-41; miscellaneous 1940-41.

Additional Information