Typescript letter signed from G. Kitson Clark, Trinity College Cambridge, to Benians

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K had long talk last night with Commager about future of American history here. C said that if they wanted an American scholar next year they ought to get on to the work now since they would get plans for following year fixed up soon. Desirable to invite scholar for 3 terms, rather than 2, since 3 terms fitted in with American year. K forgotten why they invited C for only 2 terms - possibly for financial reasons. C said they should get catalogue of books on American history in Cambridge University Library - they scattered through all the classes and so it difficult to see what there is. C suggested getting money from Carnegie foundation to do this. C believed it possible to get money to found Professorship in American history at Cambridge from American sources. Obvious card to play is need to get American history into English secondary schools. Argument which go down well would be that if American history is to be taught properly in schools it necessary that it properly taught to potential schoolmasters at university. C thought person to approach was Nicholas Murray Butler - interested in teaching in England and has considerable connections. C believed Winant might be interested. C said time to try was now when interest in teaching of American history in England running strong in America. Discussed having an American scholar over for a year - more than a year likely to make man forfeit job in America which make it difficult to come. C thought ought to offer enough money to pay for man and his wife for year - £1000-£1200 kind of sum which make it worth while. If committee formed in US to pick scholar C thought it should be informal and contain academic people particularly interested in this matter - C suggested Shuttlewell, J.T. Adams, Nevins, Morrison, Webb, himself, Nicholas Murray Butler and Winant. C thought that at least for while work here ought to be done by an American but that if things went well might get Cambridge scholars interested in matter and send them to America as Commonwealth Fellows so that in end teaching might be in English hands. All this is looking far ahead but matter seems to K to be so urgent and important that he like to feel they moving now. Short of getting permanent Chair perhaps they could get temporary establishment to which could be given title of Professor. C thought title important - if scholar coming to Cambridge didn't have one there be tendency for best men to concentrate on Oxford. K found C most pleasant and understanding. K thinks they got American history started well, with B's lectures last term and getting it established as main subject this term. Difficult to keep it in its present position after war but K thinks it unlikely that those who return will want to get rid of it.

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