3 blood stained section of fabric with flag design: one Union flag section and two US flag sections

Scope and Content

Fabric is spattered with Franko B’s own blood, part of larger piece titled ‘They Shoot Children Don’t They?’ (2003). Created in 2003, in response to the invasion of coalition forces in Iraq.

In conversation with Franko at the Theatre Collection, he recalled buying around 4 or 5 metres of flag fabric from shop in Brick Lane, London to produce the work. He bled directly onto the large pieces of fabric at his studio with assistance of his doctor and then cut to size. The title was a take from 'They Shoot Horses, Don't They?' (novel/film) and the anti-Vietnam war sentiment.

The piece was produced just days after the invasion of Iraq and produced the same week as Franko B’s seminal performance of ‘I Miss You’ at Live Culture at Tate Modern on 30 Mar 2003 (see related material FB/2/5).

'They Shoot Children Don't They?' (2003) was exhibited in Italy in 2003/2004 and it was also featured in the group exhibition 'Paranoia' curated by London-based artist, Predrag Pajdic. The ‘Paranoia’ exhibition toured the UK, Jun 2006-Mar 2007, at Leeds City Arts Gallery, Leeds (2006), Focal Point Gallery, Southend (2006), The Freud Museum, London (2007) and Swiss Cottage Central Library (see related material - Paranoia exhibition FB/3/2/19).

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Gloves required when handling - Contains blood - object made from blood stained fabric

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