[Digital copy from FB/10/2/20] Rushes: 18-19 Mar 2004

Scope and Content

An extract of a panel discussion that mentions Franko (out of focus) . A man in a glass case in only a g-string and socks lit from below, hard to make out who it is or what is happening due to low light. Liqiuid pours over him from above.Broken glass being swept up. A man sits cross legged next to the glass which is in a shallow wood frame on the floor. Two people walk barefoot through the frame of broken glass. Only the lower halves of their legs are visible. They touch each other's legs with their feet.

A naked man in a glass case, Yann Marussich with ants crawling over his body 'Self-Portrait in an Ant Heap'.

A man and woman sit inside a red fabric structure.

Tim Etchells sitting at a table on a theatre stage doing a reading.

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