Photographic material featuring BDSM imagery - taken by Franko

Scope and Content

Slides relate to videowork 'When I Grow Up I Want to be Beautiful' (1993); some photographs were also used as part of projections and publicity material for club nights such as FIST, Torture Garden; also feature in metal cut out work produced c.1991-1995

12 slides date stamped '11/92' - Dominatrix 'Wanda' and Franko as 'slave' - some of the photographs were printed in small fetish magazine

19 slides of Franko's friend Arturo, wearing masks, lying on bed, in rope bondage (date stamped '10/92') and restraining Franko on leash

11 slides date stamped '10/92' of man wearing blindfold/hood, leather collar restrained with rope at ankles and wrists

16 slides of Franko wearing leather fetish wear

3 slides of Franko wearing ball gag

8 slides in Colorama branded mounts of two naked men, whom Franko B met in a club c.1990-1991

12 slides and 7 35mm positive film strips of Franko wearing straitjacket - taken c.1992-1993 at Franko's flat in Brixton where Franko had scrapped the walls to raw state

5 slides of Franko blindfolded/gagged and wearing handcuffs - shows Franko's first tattoo of red cross of chest tattooed by his friend, Barry, in his kitchen

3 slides date stamped '01-04-95' - taken against background of blood stained sheet, slides feature blood bags on drip stand, one also features red ribbon, and one of Franko B

7 slides of Franko wearing gas mask and leather outfit

4 slides of Franko's BDSM gear including gas mask, leather boots, restraints, handcuffs etc.

4 slides date stamped '11/92' of Franko wearing leather club outfit with zips and one of Franko B wearing collar

3 slides of Franko wearing gas mask and leather apron, holding whip - two date stamped '04/93'

3 slides date stamped '7/92' of bolt gun?

5 slides of man wearing leather restraints, bandaged face and breathing tube

4 slides of enemas including bags of red liquid - image used on FIST postcard

3 slides of man lying on table, covered in tape, tubes, excreta and bags of coloured liquid

2 slides date stamped '8/92' of Franko B wearing leather holding bar

43 slides featuring Phillip Walsh, Franko's boyfriend at the time (1993-1997) - sexually explicit

6 slides and 14 35mm positive film of man with with facial piercings, man with ankle/wrists restraints, pierced genitals and sexual acts

7 miscellaneous slides featuring naked men and male genitals; 2 slides of Franko B in forest, one chained to tree

6 35mm negative strips of face close up and genitals, originally marked '92 Visual Art'

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69 35mm slides digitised

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Photographer: Franko B

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