Angela Carter Papers: 'The Curious Room' 1

Scope and Content

'Vampirella'. Radio play.

1. Rough notes and drafts, autograph and typewritten, heavily annotated; n.d. Including a cast list.

2. Typewritten draft, heavily annotated with whole passages in autograph; n.d. With title 'The Vampire Tango'.

3. '2nd draft ' (pages 32-36 only), typewritten, heavily annotated; n.d. With title 'Vampirella'.

4. 'Last draft', typewritten draft with annotations at the beginning, then fair copy; n.d. With title 'Vampirella'.

5. Production script, typewritten, two copies, one annotated, with a photocopy; broadcast on Radio 3, 20 July 1976.

6. Screenplay, typewritten fair copy, unannotated, and file cover; n.d.

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