Angela Carter Papers: Postcards 1 (part 5)

Scope and Content

Postcards to Angela Carter from: Carole; Mark; Edward Thompson; Carolyn; T[-]; Edward; Liz; Lorna Sage; R V Bell; Edward; Heather; John; Tony A; Liz; Rikki; Lennie; Corinna; Raquel?; Snoo [Wilson]; Beccs; Geraldine; Gary; Tim ?Binding; Bryan; Roland; Chris and Helen; Simon; 'a migrant child'; Ian?; Paul; Fleur; William; Peter; Ron; Hugo D-M; Cecil?; John and Nobuko; Nancy; Elizabeth; Carmen [Callil]; Saskia; Leslie Nick; Angela at Virago; Susannah [Clapp]; Patty Prawn; Nuruddin [Farah]; Jonathan; Kaktas, Nome, Kong and Genghis; Masumi Okada; Sharon; Ron, Ki and Dy; Fay Zwicky; Larry; Jack Cope; Shirley and Roland; Lesley McIntyre; R. Includes some unsigned and illegible cards.

Contains postcards from Angela Carter to: Chris and Helen; Fleur Adcock; and unindentified recipients.

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