Angela Carter Papers: Postcards 1 (part 4)

Scope and Content

Postcards to Angela Carter from: 'The wee spurrit o' yae Scots grandmither'; Ursula; John; Ken Smith; Simon; Adrian and Celia Mitchell; B[-]; Rikki; Hugh and Joan; N[ick] C[orinna] H and R; Snoo Wilson; Carmen [Callil]; Lee; Mark; Elaine and Arnold; Helen and Christopher Frayling; Edward; Keith; Tony; R; Bob; G; F; Mike P; Zoë Fairbairns; Maggie G; Carolyn; Nuruddin [Farah]; Jacqui Howard; Rosemary; Bob and Pili; Steve at The Women's Press; Ros Coward; Sallie at Chatto & Windus; Mark Illis; Fleur; E[li]zabeth; Susannah [Clapp]; Jane Thomas; Barbara [Hanrahan] and Jo; John Idda; Kate at Virago; Becca and Matthew; Nancy; Cecil; Gianni Celati and Gillian; Arthur; Clive Sinclair; Liz; Gillian; Gordena B Toanovic; Lorna; Corinna; Susan; Alan and Jean; Ted; Paul; Helen L Baes; Nick; Michael; Elizabeth Jolley; Anne; Kathryn Hughes; Heiny; and Johannes. Includes some unsigned and illegible cards.

Contains postcards from Angela Carter to: Christine Downton; and Bea Campbell.

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