Angela Carter Papers: 'Fireworks' 1

Scope and Content

'Fireworks: Nine Profane Pieces'. Drafts of the following stories:

1. 'The Executioner's Beautiful Daughter'. Two typewritten drafts, heavily annotated, and two fair copies, the first dated Tokyo May-July 1970. One draft is incomplete.

2. 'The Loves of Lady Purple'. Typewritten fair copy, with annotations increasing towards the end; dated Tokyo - Katakai, September - December 1970. For a computer-generated comic strip based on this story, see Add MS 88899/2/10.

3. ['The Flesh and the Mirror'], early version marked 'Untitled'. Two typewritten drafts, heavily annotated; n.d. Various tentative titles have been struck through on the first draft.

4. 'Master'. Four drafts, typewritten and annotated, the first partly autograph; the 'Penultimate or last draft' is dated July 1973.

5. 'Reflections'. Four typewritten drafts, heavily annotated; n.d. One draft is imperfect, with the opening page re-typed.

6. Pages entitled 'Before the Revolution'. Typewritten draft, heavily annotated, partly autograph. Apparently an early version of part of 'Elegy of a Freelance'. Compare the file marked 'False starts' (Add MS 88899/1/84).

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