Angela Carter Papers: Postcards 1 (part 2)

Scope and Content

Postcards to Angela Carter from: Ann; Roland, Shirley and twins; Liz; Patt?; Pat and Anthony; Kristin Thorrud; Chatto & Windus; Evie; John; N C H and R [Nick and Corinna]; Nancy; Cecil and Ann; Catharine; Frances Coady and others at Vintage; R; Ted and Mina; Beccs; Simon; Belinda; Hugh and Joan; [illeg] Vita; Bill; Jacqueline Rose; Susannah [?Clapp]; Neil [Bartlett]; Virago; Lisa [Appignanesi], John, Josh and Katrina; Bob and Pili; Keith and Ginny; Penny Mortimer; Carmen [Callil]; Tom; Edge 90; Julian and [?]; Ruthie; Cristina; Redstone Press; Antonia; Lorna and Rupert; Kate Fitch; A Large Door Ltd Production; Fay Weldon; Mark and others at Chatto and Windus; John; Bill McAlister; Marina?; Ish; Deborah Levy; Steve Freeman; Frances?; Sara, Jan and Leanne; Joyce Kozloff; Margaret; Jane; Fleur; Hermine Demoriane; Bandung Productions; and Gillian. Includes some unsigned and illegible cards.

Contains postcards from Angela Carter to: ?Vail Holst; Brenda Leys; Paul Carter; H and V Land; and unidentified recipients.

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