Angela Carter Papers: 'American Ghosts and Old-World Wonders' 1

Scope and Content

Stories as follows:

1. Draft contents list and annotated file covers, autograph; n.d.

2. 'Lizzie's Tiger'. A version of this story was first published in Cosmopolitan (September 1991). Compare the Axe Murder story in 'Black Venus' above.

  • Typewritten draft, untitled and heavily annotated, forming pages 43-63 of a larger compilation; n.d.
  • Three successive drafts, annotated, two with title changed from 'Childhood of The Tiger'; n.d.
  • Two typewritten fair copies, very lightly annotated; marked copyright January 1991.

3. 'John Ford's 'Tis Pity She's a Whore'. First published in Granta 25 (Autumn 1988).

  • Notes and outlines, typewritten and autograph; n.d.
  • Typewritten draft, continued in autograph, with photocopy; n.d.
  • Typewritten fair copy. very lightly annotated, with photocopy; n.d.

4. 'Gun for the Devil'. Typewritten fair copy with autograph title, lightly annotated; n.d. Written as a draft for a screenplay. See Add MS 88899/1/53-54.

5. 'The Merchant of Shadows'. First published in The London Review of Books (26 October 1989).

  • Autograph and typewritten notes; n.d. With title 'Mannheim in Hollywood'.
  • Two typewritten drafts, heavily annotated; n.d. With title 'Mannheim in Hollywood'.
  • Further drafts of non-consecutive pages; n.d. Untitled.
  • Another draft, heavily annotated; n.d. Incomplete at end. With autograph title 'The Merchant of Shadows'.
  • Typewritten draft, heavily annotated; n.d. Untitled.
  • Typewritten fair copy, lightly annotated; n.d. With title 'The Merchant of Shadows'.

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