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A National School was built at Fringford in 1866, although there had been charity schools there since 1768. Originally it accepted children of all ages, even receiving senior pupils from surrounding villages by the 1920s. In 1948, the school was reorganised so that it retained pupils aged 5 to 11 and 13 to 15. Other pupils their went to Bicester Voluntary Secondary School. It became a controlled school in 1951. The school is now (in 1994) a Primary School. Please see CC4/87 for other records of this school.

The following records were deposited by a former Rector of Fringford with Oxfordshire Archives via the Bodleian Library in 1978, where they were given the Accession Number 1479. They include deeds for the school land, correspondence and papers about teachers there, and several financial documents. Further records were deposited as part of Acc 3937 in February 1995.

Recatalogued in September 1994 with additions by Sophie-Elise Anker in July 2015.