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Charter of Andrew, Bishop of Moray, reciting that whereas Alexander, King of Scots, for the support of the House founded by him at Pluscardin and the Brethren serving God there, has granted them in pure and perpetual alms the mills of Elgin and of Foreyis and Dulpotin, with all the mills and appurtenants belonging to them from which the church of Elgin, of Foreys [sic] and of Dye are accustomed to receive tithes, he (Andrew), at the instance of the said King and with the consent of his Chapter and of the Rector of the church of Foreys - that is, the Archdeacon of Moray - has quitclaimed to the said house and Brethren all the tithes from the aforesaid mills and appurtenants which the mills have at the time of making of the present charter, saving tithes of the profits of the millers holding the said mills. He also quitclaims to the house and Brethren, at the King's instance, all tithes which they are accustomed to pay to him and ought to pay to the Bishops of Moray for ever from rents issuing from the lands of Fernanan, Tuliduvi, Kep and Meikle Kintessoc, saving certain specified tithes. The King has indemnified him, his successors and the church of Moray and he has made amends to the church of Foreys and the Archdeacon of Moray respecting those things which belonged to them.


The Latin text is printed in S. R. Macphail, History of the Religious House of Pluscardyn (Edinburgh: Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier, 1881), Appendix K (pp. 206-7), and a facsimile appears between pp. 72-3.