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Writ by David, King of Scots, to the sheriffs of Elgyne and Fores reciting that whereas his predecessor Alexander, King of Scots, had, in a charter to the Prior and Convent of Pluscardyn, enfefted them with the mills of Elgyne and Fores, with other mills appertaining thereto, and with the whole multure of all lands from which he, at the time of the enfeftment, received multure or ought to have received it, had they been cultivated, of which lands several where not in cultivation at the time of the granting of the said charter but had returned to it, as Lanmorgyn, Quarelwod, Toelach, Farneway and Schancher within their bailliaries, which were without doubt included in the tenor of the said charter; he now commands them [the sheriffs] to give the said religions seisin and peaceful possession of the multures of the aforementioned lands and to compel any who presume to refuse payment of the same to make satisfaction to the said religious by seizing or poinding their goods.


The Latin text, taken from the notarial transumpt PLU/6 below, is printed in S. R. Macphail, History of the Religious House of Pluscardyn (Edinburgh: Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier, 1881), Appendix Q (p. 213), where it is dated 1368. See also ibid., p. 77.