File: Fallowfield Stadium

Scope and Content

Fallowfield Stadium was a sports stadium and cycling track on the Firs estate, Fallowfield. Sporting events head been held there from the 1890s, and it became well-known for cycling races. From 1955 to 1960, it was owned by the well-known cyclist, Reg Harris, and known as the Harris Stadium. After the University assumed ownership in 1961, it was used by University sports teams as well as local groups who continued to enjoy access to its facilities. During the 1970s, the Stadium's condition deteriorated and there were complaints about the state of the track. In the 1990s, the University decided that the grounds were required for additional accommodation and the Stadium was demolished in 1994. The file includes details of the assumption of University ownership in 1960/1, the condition of facilities during the 1970s and possible redevelopment in the 1980s. There are also papers concerning the proposed closure of the stadium and efforts by local community groups, including the Rusholme and Fallowfield Civic Society, to save the Stadium.

Former reference: 2556