File: Firs Estate

Scope and Content

The Firs Estate is located in the Fallowfield area of Manchester, to the south of the University campus. Formerly the residence of the industrialist Joseph Whitworth, it was transferred to the University by Whitworth's legatees in 1902. For many years, it was the residence of C P Scott, editor of the Manchester Guardian, who rented from the University. Following Scott's death, Firs House became the official residence of the vice-chancellor in 1933, which it remained until the 1990s. The file includes papers on the maintenance of the property, correspondence on the listing of the building (1975) and with the architectural historian, Nikolaus Pevsner, concerning an entry in his Building of England series (1967-8), which includes information on the architect of the Firs, Edward Walters.

Former reference: 787