Technical reports

Scope and Content

Papers from an unlabelled file. Material comprises published technical reports written by University of Manchester Department of Astronomy staff for contracts sponsored by various US government departments through the European Office of Aerospace Research (OAR), United States Air Force. These include: the Aeronautical Chart and Information Centre; and the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories.

  • AF(052)-829. Technical Reports 1 and 2. Reduction of Relative Heights from Pic du Midi Photography for the Lac Area 98. By T. W. Rackham and B. J. Temple.
  • AF(052)-829. Interim Report 1. Isophotometry Applied to the Shadow Analysis of Plato and Archimedes. By M. T. Jones.
  • AF(052)-829. Annual Summary Report. Lunar Photometric and Topographical Analysis. By ZK.
  • AF(052)-829. Interim Scientific Report 2. Craters in the Mare Humorum. By P. V. Sudbury.
  • AF(052)-829. Interim Scientific Report 3. High Resolution Lunar Photographic Programme. By P. V. Sudbury.
  • AF 61 (052) 378. Technical Report 2. Luminescence Investigations. By J. P. Grainger.
  • AF 61 (052) 378. Technical Report 1. Development and Design of a Polarimeter for Lunar Studies. By David Clarke.
  • AF 61 (052) 378. Observations of the Frequency Dependence of Polarisation of the Light of the Moon and of Mars. By David Clarke.
  • AF 61 (052) 882. Interim Scientific Report 1. Three Colour Photoelectric Photometry of the Moon. By G. L. Roberts.
  • AF 61 (052) 882. Final Scientific Report. Photographic and Spectrographic Observations of the Moon at Pic-du-Midi. By ZK.

Copies of final reports subsequently formed part of the Astronomical Contributions from the University of Manchester series.