File: "Astrophysics and Space Science"

Scope and Content

Correspondence and papers from an un-labelled folder. ZK/EBF correspondence relates to Astrophysics and Space Science. An International Journal of Cosmic Physics.

In 1968, ZK founded Astrophysics and Space Science an independent journal which challenged the monopoly of more established journals such as the Astrophysical Journal. Astrophysics and Space Science, known affectionately as 'Astro' is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed international scientific journal covering cosmic physics - astronomy, astrophysics, space science and astrophysical aspects of astrobiology. The journal also publishes special issues on topics of relevance and conference proceedings, review articles on problems of current interest, and book reviews.

ZK was the journal's Editor-in-Chief, supported by the Editorial Assistant EBF, and a rotating Editorial Board, here: A. G. W. Cameron, C. G. Fälthammar, C. de Jager, M. Kitamura, M. D. Moutsoulas, L. M. Ozernoy, J. Rahe, J. O. Stenflo and J. G. Emming. The editorial office was The Department of Astronomy at the University of Manchester. Astro was published by Springer.

Correspondents include: Professor G. A. Georgantopoulos; Dr. Vassilis S. Geroyannis; Professor Amitabha Ghosh; Dr. A. B. Giles; G. A. Gurzadyan; Professor Hans Joachim Haubold; Dr Th. Hemming; and Dr. G. R. Ivanov.

Other material includes: copy of a paper published in Astro 38 (1975) by C. L. Goudis 'A Classification of the Available Astrophysical Data of Particular H II Regions'; and tabular material for Dr. D. A. Green's submission, 'A Revised Catalogue of Galactic Supernova Remnants'.