File: Astrophysics and Space Science

Scope and Content

Correspondence from a folder labelled 'Astrophysics and Space Science'. The material is comprised of correspondence relating to the international science journal Astrophysics and Space Science, filed (roughly) A-Z, by person or by organisation.

Correspondence is between Editor, ZK, Editorial Assistant EBF, Associate-Editors, C. de Jager and M. Kitamura, and academics regarding research papers for the journal, edits and corrections to papers and so forth. These include: 'Faraday Rotation...' by I. Lerche; and USSR Academy of Sciences, Symposium 'Physics of the Moon and Planets', 7-12 October 1968, Kiev, Russia.

Other material includes: an off-print of a paper 'Mass Distribution of Planets on Particle Association' by Ved Mitra (1970); and programmes for:

  • Conference on Plasma Instabilities in Astrophysics, 14-17 October 1968, Pacific Grove, California, USA.
  • the Summer Institute in Dynamical Astronomy, 16 June-11 July 1969, Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Texas, USA.
  • Automatic Control in Space, 3rd IFAC Symposium, 2-6 March 1970, Toulouse, France.
Also, a number of manuscripts including:
  • Evolution of Close Binary Stars and Neutrino Emission by Probhas Ray Chaudhuri.
  • Faraday Rotation and Signal Dispersion: The Geometrical Optics Approximation, An Exact Solution, and First Order Smoothing Theory by I. Lerche.
  • Mass Distribution of Planets on Particle Accretion by Ved Mitra (off-print).
  • 'Orbital Characteristics of Asteroids and Comets' by Nils A. Barricelli.