Articles IX

Scope and Content


  • "Why go to the Moon?" inc published cutting of the article New Scientist, 30 May 1957;
  • "Volcano on the Moon?" [published in New Scientist1958];
  • "A new type of doubly refracting filter" n.d.;
  • "Proper motions in the region of the galactic cluster ngc 1912" by G A Mills, department of Astronomy, University of Manchester;
  • "All quiet on the Moon" [prob. submitted to New Scientist, poss as letter or communication], n.d.;
  • "Does the Moon possess a magnetic field?" [published in Space Journal 2, 1959];
  • "On the origin of the lunar craters and maria" [published in Nature 183, 1959];
  • "Exploring the Moon" n.d.;
  • "Mapping of the Moon";
  • "Lunar flares" [published in Astronomical Society of Pacific no.450, 1966].