Sketchbook (Dover, London), with artist's name and address inscribed on the inside front cover, 1938

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      GB 70 TGA 8224/7
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      1 piece

Scope and Content

Page 1 Lawn mower, page 2 top: female head and seated man, page 2 bottom: female nude wearing stockings, lying on a bed, page 3 Standing woman wearing a fur coat and a hat, page 4 Standing man in a suit and hat and a smaller sketch of a woman, page 5 Nude woman seated by a window, page 6 Nude woman drying herself in a bathroom, page 7 Studies of a man playing a pin ball machine and women in hats, page 8 Building with archway entrances, columns and windows, page 9 Interior of a sitting room with window overlooking the sea, page 10 Beach scene with part of a town and cliffs on the right and a pier and boats on the left, page 11 Pier and lighthouse, page 12 inscribed "Dover back Street", page 13 Two men; one is leaning on a counter or bar, page 14 Sketch of a building with entrance to a garage, page 15 front: Sketches of houses and buildings, a hill and trees and tools, page 15 back: inscribed "Marseilles ?", page 16 Seaside scene, page 17 Folding work table or easel, page 18 Five studies of a man's head and torso, page 19 Five studies of a man's head and torso, page 20 Seated man smoking, page 21 Part of a building with large columns, page 22 Building with columns, page 23 Seated woman wearing a large hat, seen from behind, page 24 calculations, page 25 Man wearing a coat leaning over a table (possibly pin ball), page 26 top: Vans and figures on a main and side road, page 26 middle: Study of a van, page 26 bottom: River with ducks, bridge and road, page 27 Study for 'Sunday Morning', a man in a sitting room with a birdcage. Inscribed "Rough for Sunday Morning", page 28 Streetscene with milkman's cart. Inscribed on verso"Drawing for litho "The Milkman", p29 Street scene with shops, page 30 Two men standing together, one of them reading a letter, page 31 '3 generations' two men and a boy walking, page 32 Various sketches of a building, figures and studies of heads, page 33 Studies of five heads, head and shoulders of a woman, outline of a woman down to her hips and the torso and legs of a woman, page 34 Group of four figures labelled Ma, Pa, Penelope and Peter, page 35 Beach scene with view of town and distant mountains, page 36 front: Five outline sketches of a child, p36 back: Woman standing outdoors with shrubs, page 38 Beach scene with harbour in the background, page 38 Beach scene with swimmers and pier, page 39 Three studies of a small child playing at the seaside, page 40 Six studies of a woman in a swimming costume and two studies of a boy, page 41 Ten outline studies of people on a beach, page 42 Seven outline studies of people in swimwear, page 43 Four studies of people on a beach, page 44 Four studies of a woman on the beach, page 45 top: Window with curtains, page 45 bottom: Standing woman in a striped swimming costume and a figure seen from the back holding something behind the back, page 46 top: seated woman in swimsuit and man lying on his side, page 46 bottom: Man in swimming trunks lying face-down, page 47 Beach scene with family group, page 48 Two seated men playing chess, page 49 Seated woman in hat and coat over a dress with the dress hem lifted to show her stockings and garters, page 50 Nude young woman with her hair in a ponytail, page 51 View from a window with a sign for a post office, page 52 Bedroom scene with seated couple on the bed making love, page 53 top: Seated man smoking a pipe and listening to the wireless, page 53 bottom: Seated man resting his elbow on a table, page 54 Four studies, three of seated men and one of a standing woman, page 55 top: An Underground train with people reading newspapers, page 55 middle: Standing man on underground train holding onto a hanging strap, page 55 bottom: Interior of theatre showing heads in the audience, boxes and part of the stage with actors, page 56 Three figures siting around a table while a fourth figure tunes the wireless. Other small sketches of men, p57 Caricature of a man in profile, page 58 Two women seated on a sofa reading a letter, page 59 Street scene with two figures looking in a shop window, page 60 Man holding a snake which has a human head (similar to the caricature on page 57).