Sketchbook, with "Sketches-Writings" on the spine, 1944

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      GB 70 TGA 8224/73
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      210 x 125

Scope and Content

Page 1 Numbers of pastels, page 2 Three small boats on the sea shore, page 3 Man in an armchair reading a book, inscribed "Lover of Dickens 1944", page 4 Three studies of a boy reading, page 5 Boy in a Victorian night shirt reading a book and a detail of the boy's face, page 6 Decorated Christmas tree in a tub on a table, page 7 Notes about the number of words per page, page 8 Two cats, page 9 Miscellaneous notes and small studies of a cat and the exterior of a building, page 10 Three studies of helicopters, page 11 Two studies of Reactors, page 12-14 Notes about Mr Gun, page 15 Notes about Rufus Isaacs, page 16 Notes about William Goodwin, pages 17-19 Personal notes and reminders, pages 20-21 Notes on different sports, page 22 Lists of printers and magazines, page 23 List of diagrams and small study of a lake with industrial machinery, pages 24-25 More notes about Mr Gun, pages 26-31 Notes and lists, page 32 Names and addresses, page 33 Two studies, figures on a beach and boats on a beach, pages 34-35 Unidentified lists, page 36 Study of a beggar holding a bowl, page 37 Study of a document folder, pages 38-39 Lists of things to do, pages 40-44 Notes about coronations, page 45 Seated man clutching a newspaper, page 46 Similar drawing to page 45, page 47 List of things to do, page 48 Study of a bridge, page 49-52 Notes about plays, page 53 Two studies of boats and a sign "Dulwich", page 54 Study of boats, page 55 List of stalls and activities, pages 56-57 Notes about James Clay, pages 58-60 Notes on hen rearing, page 61 Notes on groceries and grocers, page 62 Three rowing boats on dry land, page 63 Design with arrows and stars, page 64 Rough lines, page 65 Market stall on wheels selling fritters, page 66 Standing figure with a slab, page 67 Two old fashioned cast iron smoothing irons, page 68 Two heaters attached to gas pipes, page 69 Unidentified lines, page 70 Rough outline of an interior, page 71 Ironing table with a sleeve board, page 72 Tall glass in a metal holder and spoon, page 73 Market street with empty stalls, page 74 Top of a building with chimneys, page 75 Study of an old man wearing a coat and a cap, page 76 Two small studies, a child in an interior and a man with a beard and a moustache, page 77 front: Rough outline of a figure, page 77 back: Similar sketch to page 77 front, page 78 Household notes, page 79 Seated figures at tables, inscribed "Canteen/Early Morning", page 80 Notes on London Streets, page 81 Notes and addresses, pages 82-84 Blank.