Sketchbook, with "1952 & 4 & 6 inside front cover

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      GB 70 TGA 8224/47
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Scope and Content

Page 1 Blank, page 2 View of Brighton seen from the beach inscribed "Brighton Oct 24 1952", page 3 Boats on the beach inscribed "Brighton 24 Oct 1952", page 4 Hotel seen from the beach inscribed "Brighton Oct 24 '52", page 5 View of the sea from the beach inscribed "Brighton Oct 24 '52", page 6 View of the beach with several boats inscribed "Brighton Oct 24 '52", page 7 Street scene with the sea beyond inscribed "Brighton Oct 24 '52", page 8 Study of a church and view of the beach from a street inscribed " Brighton Oct 24 '52", page 9 Narrow lane with entrance to a pub inscribed "The Seven Stars, Ship St Oct 25 '52", page 10 View of amusement arcade inscribed "Brighton Oct 25 '52", page 11 Sailing boat viewed from the beach inscribed "Brighton Oct 25", page 12 The town seen from the beach inscribed "Brighton Oct 25", page 13 View of the Queen's Hotel inscribed "Brighton Oct 25 '52", page 14 Boats on the beach, page 15 View of the beach seen from the upstairs window of a hotel, page 16 Study of buildings on the pier inscribed "Palace Pier Brighton Oct 26 '52", page 17 View of the beach inscribed "Brighton Oct 26 '52", page 18 Two figures on the pier inscribed "West Pier Brighton Oct 26 '52, page 19 Deserted beach with crane inscribed "Shoreham" Sept 9 1952, page 20 Another view of the deserted beach shown on page 19, page 21 Thick wooden beams sunk in pebbles inscribed "Shoreham Sept 9", page 22 Tall beams attached together as a wind break inscribed "Shoreham Sept 9", page 23 View of sea from beach inscribed "Shoreham Sept 9", page 24 View of deserted beach seen from a high vantage point inscribed "Shoreham Sept 9", page 25 View of deserted beach with crane in the distance inscribed "Shoreham Sept 9", page 26 Deserted beach with large number of vertical beams sunk in the ground, page 27 Group of buildings near the sea inscribed "Shoreham Sept 9", page 28 Beach scene with ramp going up to the street inscribed "Brighton April 8 1954", page 29 Wheelbarrow and bucket, page 30 Boats by the shore, page 31 Wooden beams, page 32 View of beach inscribed "Shoreham April 8", page 33 View of a pier in Brighton inscribed "May 18 1954", page 34 Unfinished study of the beach, page 35 Street scene with figures inscribed "July 6 '54", page 36 View of Pier with buildings seen from the beach inscribed "July 6", page 37 Figures walking along a street dated "July 7", page 38 Figures sitting in a bus shelter dated "July 9 '54", page 39 Beach scene with figures sitting on the beach, page 40 Three figure sin deck chairs on the beach inscribed "Hove July 12", page 41 Beach and buildings dated July 15, page 42 Structures on a pier dated July 15, page 43 View of pier with buildings seen from the street dated November 11, page 44 Beach with pillar supporting the pier dated Sept 29 55", page 45 Two figures seated on a low wall facing the sea dated 13 Oct '56, page 46 Rowing boat, page 47 Another view of the rowing boat on page 46, page 48 Group of bathers inscribed "Hove Aug 28", page 49 Blank, page 50 Two children in bathing suits by the sea shore inscribed "Hove Aug 28", page 51 back and page 52 Street with buildings, page 53 back View of building seen from below street level with steps leading down and lots of people on the lower level, page 54 Group of people outside a fish restaurant, page 54 back: and page 55 front: Large house with arched entrance and a flagpole, page 56 back: and page 57 front: Same building as on page 55 seen from a different angle, page 57 Same building as on page 55 showing the turret with a clock, page 58 Front of a low ground floor building with a garage-type door, pages 59-93 Blank, Inside back cover Study of Brighton on a piece of paper size 162mm x 189mm which has been stuck in to the sketchbook.