Sketchbook, with "Chartres 1956" on the spine

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      GB 70 TGA 8224/60
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      260 x 200

Scope and Content

Page 1 Blank, page 2 "Gravel Lane Oct 10" Paved street going uphill, page 3 "Stamford House Oct 10" Corner of a warehouse, page 4 Sleeping cat, page 5 Cat sleeping on the edge of a stool, page 6 Detail of a building with three small figures wearing hats, page 7 House partly covered with an awning, page 8 Pair of tradesman's scales, page 9 Tradesman's scales and a large bowl, page 10 Park bench near a wall, page 11 Three girls in school uniform, page 12 Landscape with trees, and a man in a rowing boat on a lake with a bridge, page 13 Figure lying in the grass, page 14 Viaduct reflected in a river, page 15 Landscape with trees and mountain, page 16 Landscape with trees and a winding road, page 17 Three stained glass motifs and written notes about the stained glass windows in Chartres cathedral, pages 18-20 Further notes on the stained glass windows, page 21 Townscape with a bridge over a river, page 22 River with two rowing boats, a bridge and large moored boats, page 23 Similar view to page 22, page 24 Small boy holding a bucket in each hand walking near a thatched house, page 25 Figure studies of people wearing coats, page 26 front: Study of large farm machinery, page 26 back: Cows in a pen, page 27 Farm aerator, page 27 back: Figures and cows, page 28 front: Cattle Market, page 28 back: Caricature of a man with a moustache, page 29 front: Three studies of cows, page 29 back: Studies of men, page 30 front: Outline studies of men and farm machinery, page 30 back: Figures with a Grain Drier, page 31 front: "Champion" sign and farm machinery, page 31 back: Cubicles for farm animals at a show, page 32 front: Studies of calves, page 32 back: Studies of a signpost, two arched windows and a workman, page 33 front: Signs, page 33 back: Standing woman smoking a cigarette, page 34 House Figures standing behind a fence, page 35 Group of men at an agricultural show, page 36 Circus woman drawn in the style of Fernand Léger, page 37 front: Fingers holding a vertical object, page 37 back: Two unidentified studies, page 38 Street scene with iron bridge over the street, page 39 Study of shops, page 40 Woman walking under a covered arcade, page 41 front: detail of ceiling of arcade, page 41 back: Shops in arcade, page 42 Continuation of study of arcade from page 41, page 43 front: Fruit stall with two women, page 43 back: An oval sign, page 44 Greengrocer's stall or shop and several studies of heads, page 45 Train signl, page 46 Studies of two men, page 47 Blank.