1926 - 1927

Scope and Content

In 1926, the possibility of an International Congress was raised again. The material in this series consist mainly of correspondence between Émile Senart and Edward S.M. Perowne. They are:

  • Letter from Émile Senart to Edward Perowne concerning Senart's discussion with F.W. Thomas and the possible involvement of the Royal Asiatic Society. Handwritten in French, dated 23 October 1926.
  • "re Oriental Congress, Note of Interview with Mr Émile Senart at la Ferte Bernard, 2 November 1926" by Edward Perowne concerning Senart's suggestion for the restarting of the Congress of Orientalists. Typed, dated 30 October 1926 [Note, dates do not match].
  • "Translation of letter subsequently written by me from Paris to Mr Senart" by Edward Perowne, to clarify the points concerning the forming of an Oriental Congress. Typed, dated 5 November 1926.
  • Letter from Émile Senart to Edward Perowne in which he responds to the proposal laid out in Perowne's previous letter. Handwritten, dated 8 November 1926. With this letter is a typed translation made by Perowne.
  • Translation of a letter from Edward Perowne to Émile Senart in which he writes of his discussions with Mr Thomas and that the Royal Asiatic Society has yet to discuss their views regarding an Oriental Congress and to clarify points raised by Senart. Typed, dated 11 November 1926.
  • "Memorandum for a Meeting of the Entente Committee" sent out by F.W. Thomas to announce the meeting called to discuss a notice issued by the Dutch Oriental Society announcing its oriental congress in 1927 and the possibility of reviving the International Congress of Orientalists. Typed, dated 14 December 1926. With this memorandum are typed copies of the correspondence and meetings between Perowne and Senart for 2 November, 5 November, 8 November and 11 November 1926.
  • Letter from S.M. Edwardes, Secretary, Royal Asiatic Society, to The Secretary, Oestersch Genootschap in Nederland, to relate the concerns of the Council of the Royal Asiatic Society concerning the procedure of reviving the International Oriental Congress. Typed, undated.