Letters and papers

Scope and Content

Request to the secretary of Association of Post Office Women Clerks (APOWC) for a special meeting to be held; signed by 150-200 members, 17 Feb 1908.

Printed information sheet about the Association, with list of officers and form of application for membership (c.1909)

Copy of announcement by Postmaster-General of new class of assistant women clerks, their duties and rates of pay.


* Copy of telegram to Postmaster General, 11 Dec 1911.

* Reply to above from General Post Office, 12 Dec 1911.

* Announcement of special meeting of members on 12 (Dec 1911 Copy of text of resolution passed at Protest Meeting held 12 Dec 1911.

Notice of Protest Meeting (special meeting) to be held on 12 Dec 1911.

Notice of committee meeting to be held on 23 Apr 1912, and agenda.

Printed leaflet, with list of officers of association, and form of application for membership, May 1916

Letter from P Blanche Mills (former President) to Miss DK Smyth, telling something of the history of the APOWC, 27 May 1924

Draft of a letter (to Postmaster-General?) regarding the provisional period before women are admitted on an equal footing to Civil Service examinations (1924). On back, a list of years, with the major events in the history of the Association, 1901 - 1924.