Display photographs for For Services Rendered by Somerset Maugham at the Globe Theatre, 1932

Scope and Content

Display photographs of

  • Diana Hamilton (Ethel Bartlett), David Hawthorne (Dr Prentice), Louise Hampton (Charlotte Ardsley), Marjorie Mars (Lois), Marda Vanne (Gwen Cedar), Cedric Hardwicke (Sydney)
  • Flora Robson (Eva), Cedric Hardwick, Marjorie Mars (Lois)
  • W Cronin-Wilson (Howard Bartlett), Marjorie Mars, C V France (Leonard Ardsley), Flora Robson, Diana Hamilton
  • Cedric Hardwicke, Diana Hamilton, Marjorie Mars, Louise Hampton, Flora Robson
  • Flora Robson, Marjorie Mars, Diana Hamilton, W Cronin-Wilson
  • Ralph Richardson (Collie Stratton), Flora Robson (Eva)
  • C V France (Leonard Ardsley), Ralph Richardson
  • Ralph Richardson, Flora Robson
  • Marjorie Mars (Lois), S J Warmington (Wilfred Cedar)
  • Diana Hamilton (Ethel Bartlett), W Cronin-Wilson (Howard Bartlett)
  • Louise Hampton (Charlotte Ardsley), Marda Vanne (Gwen Cedar)
  • Cedric Hardwicke (Sydney), David Hawthorne (Dr Prentice), Louise Hampton
  • Marjorie Mars, W Cronin-Wilson
  • Louise Hampton, Cedric Hardwicke
  • Marjorie Mars, W Cronin-Wilson, Louise Hampton
  • Marjorie Mars, S J Warmington