Howard of Naworth Papers 1967 accession: Cumberland and Northumberland (supplementary deposit)

Scope and Content

Supplementary accession of manorial records of the Barony of Gilsland in Cumberland and of individual manors within the Barony, together with some Cumberland and Northumberland estate records, 16th-20th centuries but chiefly 18th-19th centuries (and also including copies of some earlier documents). These records were created or accumulated in the Howard estate offices and the office of their land agents.

For fuller details of the geographical range of this section of the collection and of the nature of the manorial and estate material mentioned below see the general description of the Howard of Naworth Papers under Administrative etc. history.

Some of this material has been retained as a separate group, whereas other items have been dispersed among other groups of the Howard of Naworth Papers, as described below:

Material from this accession retained as a separate group

This material is divided into three sections: Cumberland; Northumberland; and miscellaneous.

The Cumberland material includes three Featherstone call books, 1732-1840 (with gaps) and various rentals and ancient and free rent account books, chiefly ca.1757-1839, but the bulk of the material consists of enfranchisements of customary tenements, arranged by manor, ca.1745-1939, with one copy of an enfranchisement of 1681. An index to these enfranchisements is in a volume from the Howard of Naworth 1971 accession (temporary reference HNP vols.57/4). Related enfranchisements are in the main sequence of Cumberland deeds and papers (HNP C166). Other enfranchisements and a schedule of enfranchisements, 1844-1903, are in the Howard of Naworth 1971 supplementary accession. Recent enfranchisements are still retained by the Howard family solicitors.

The Northumberland material consists chiefly of title deeds and colliery leases relating in particular to Longbenton and Featherstone but also including some items concerning Hepscott, Morpeth and Netherton (together with Midgeholme in Cumberland), 17th-20th centuries. Also included are an undated plan of Longbenton etc., a copy of the Killingworth Moor enclosure plan of 1792, and the Featherstone Common enclosure award and plan, 1814.

The miscellaneous section includes copies of conveyances of parts of the Northumberland estate following their sale by the Earl of Carlisle, 1890-1891 and 1924; most of these are of conveyances which reserved mineral rights to the Earl of Carlisle. [For related material see the descriptions of the main series of Northumberland material among the Howard of Naworth Papers (deeds and estate sections) and the HNP 1982 supplementary deposit.]

Material from this accession dispersed among other groups of Howard of Naworth Papers

On its arrival in Durham some items from this accession, including some Northumberland items, were amalgamated in the main sequence of Cumberland deeds and manorial etc. records which is described in a separate section. These items are included in the published catalogue of this series noted under catalogues, although their provenance is not noted there. The material thus transferred included: a 16th-century copy of a feodary of the Barony of Gilsland of 1502, including copies of documents from 1275-1461 (now HNP C201/4A [a copy of HNP C201/1]); a survey of Dacre lands in Cumberland on the attainder of Leonard Dacre, 1573/4, with copies of other related documents (now HNP C201/11A; for details of the Dacre family see general description of the Howard of Naworth Papers); various other surveys etc. (now HNP C188/2 and 201A); a series of Barony of Gilsland call books, 1731-1828 (now HNP C180A-180D); Irthington court book, 1661-1665 (now HNP C175/8); grant of the manor and advowson of Lanercost to the Earl of Carlisle, 1736 (now HNP C115/33-33A); Lanercost call books, 1746-1769 with gaps and 1787-1825, and memorandum book for Lanercost and Featherstone manorial courts, ca.1765-1795 (now HNP C175A/1-4); colliery lease, Farlam, 1922 (now HNP C257); colliery leases, Thirlwall, Northumberland, 1900-1920 (now HNP C243 and C249); and two Featherstone, Northumberland coal leases, 1922 and 1925 (now HNP C268/1 and C293/1).

Other items from this accession were placed with the series of volumes among Howard of Naworth described in a separate section. The division was not always neat, however, and there is some overlap both with the items transferred to the series of Cumberland deeds etc. (see above) and with the material retained in the 1967 accession series (see above). The items now in the separate volumes sequence include: four Barony of Gilsland court books and related volumes, 1787-1939; court book re Featherstone and other manors, 1876-1925; Barony of Gilsland call book, 1916-1923; Brackenthwaite and Newbiggin call roll, ca.1731- 1785; Barony of Gilsland fine books and related fine volumes re fines, 1650-1655, 1724-1729 and ca.1757-1935; Barony of Gilsland ancient and free rent account books, 1840-1918; a series of bailiffs' rent collection books for various manors, ca.1840-1890; Askerton manor rental, 1897-1924; and two registers of manorial wills, 1839-1866 and 1870-1943.

Two items from this accession have been placed with the separate series of plans among the Howard of Naworth Papers: a volume of early-18th century survey plans of various sections of the Northumberland estate drawn by William Lambert; and a copy of the Upper and Nether Denton enclosure plan, 1789.

Acquisition Information

Deposited with the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic of the University of Durham (since 1990 part of the Archives and Special Collections department of Durham University Library) on 10 May 1967 by Messrs. Cartmell, solicitors, of Brampton, Cumberland, land agents to the Howard family company, through the Cumberland County Archivist.

Other Finding Aids

Typescript accession list of the 1967 Howard of Naworth accession, annotated in manuscript with references/location details for items dispersed to other parts of the Howard of Naworth collection.