Howard of Naworth Papers 1971 accession: Cumberland and Northumberland (supplementary deposit)

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      GB 33 HNP-6
  • Dates of Creation
      18th-20th centuries but including copies of 1651-1882 originals
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Scope and Content

Supplementary accession of manorial and estate records relating chiefly to the Howards' Cumberland estates but also including some Northumberland estate records, all created or accumulated in the Howard estate offices or the office of their land agents and dating chiefly from the 18th-20th centuries, with copies of other items dating from 1651 onwards. For fuller details of the geographical range of this section of the collection and of the nature of the manorial and estate material mentioned below see the general description of the Howard of Naworth Papers under Administrative etc. history.

Several of the volumes from this accession are now kept with the separately described series of volumes among the Howard of Naworth Papers.

The contents of the accession (with temporary box and volume references) include:

Naworth estate, including the Howards' Cumberland manors together with their adjacent manors of Featherstone and Thirlwall in Northumberland

  • Deeds, including a bundle of copies and abstracts, chiefly re mortgages, 1841-1868 (box E), an abstract of title to Lord Carlisle's estate, 1849, a conveyance from the Duke of Devonshire to Lord Carlisle, ca.1862, and draft mortgages on Cumberland properties, 1935-1937 (box XXVI).
  • A copy of the Hayton manor section of the 1603 Lord William Howard field-book with a plan of Hayton (HNP vols. 57/10); see also HNP C188/1, 1A and 2 and description of the main HNP series of Cumberland deeds and papers.
  • Miscellaneous papers re perambulations of the Barony of Gilsland and out-manors (Ainstable, Brackenthwaite and Lanercost in Cumberland and Featherstone and Thirlwall in Northumberland), 1840, with seven minute-books, 1840 (box C).
  • Six volumes and five bundles of valuations, with related correspondence and papers, 1840-1906 (box D).
  • Various miscellaneous plans, including a folder containing a set of 6 inch to the mile Ordnance Survey plans of the Barony of Gilsland and surrounding areas, 1st edition, 1868 (boxes XXIII, XXVII and HNP vols. 57/11).
  • Two bundles re manorial customs, chiefly Barony of Gilsland, 1715-1881 (box E).
  • Barony of Gilsland precedent book, 1839 (box E).
  • Two summary books with particulars of customary tenements, chiefly 1792-1887 (HNP vols. 57/2-3).
  • Barony of Gilsland courts minute book, 1839-1840 (box E).
  • Barony of Gilsland and out-manors minute book, 1916-1935 (HNP vols. 57/5).
  • Out-manors call roll, 1843 (box E).
  • Call roll, 1893 (box E).
  • Various miscellaneous manorial court papers, 1839-1906 (box B).
  • Bundle of surrenders and admittances in the out-manors, 1839-1894 (box B).
  • Series of bundles of valuations, surrenders, admittances, draft enfranchisements, schedules, correspondence etc. for manors in the Barony of Gilsland and out-manors, 19th-20th centuries, including copy of the customs of the manor of Featherstone, 1659 [for which see also general description of the Howard of Naworth Papers under Publication note] (boxes E, IV-VIII, XVI-XXV).
  • Books and papers re fines, including copy award fixing Barony of Gilsland fines , 1721, dropping fines, 1828, general fines, 1849 and 1865, fines receipts, ca.1876-1900 and list of fines, 1898 (boxes E and G).
  • Papers and volumes re rents, 19th-20th centuries, especially ca.1887-1906, and ancient rents, 1919-1922 (box G and HNP vols. 57/6 and 57/8).
  • Barony of Gilsland and out-manors annual statement of account, 1906-1937 (HNP vols. 57/7).
  • Material relating to enfranchisements of customary tenements, including drafts and copies of enfranchisement deeds, correspondence and accounts, 18th-20th centuries, and printed and manuscript copies of parliamentary Bills relating to copyhold enfranchisement, 1771 (draft, with legal opinions, 1771, 1773 and 1795) and 1839-1887 (boxes E, F, H and XV); also included are schedules of enfranchisements, 1844-1903 (box XV) and 18th-20th centuries (HNP vols. 57/4), the latter listing the series of enfranchisement deeds in the Howard of Naworth Papers 1967 accession (related enfranchisements are in the main series of Cumberland deeds and papers at HNP C166 and the most recent enfranchisement deeds remain with the Howard family solicitors).
  • Correspondence, papers, plans and press cuttings relating to a Chancery case over the River Eden fishery in Ainstable manor (Duke of Devonshire v. Clarke), 1882, including volume of copies of related documents, 1651-1882 (boxes A, I-III and IX-XIV and HNP vols. 57/9).
  • Bundle of appointments of manorial stewards, 1839-1877 (box G).
  • Six letter books containing copies of letters re Cumberland estate manorial business conducted by Messrs. Carrick and Lee, subsequently Carrick, Lee & Sons, 1859-1907, after which date this business was taken over by the Naworth Estate office (HNP vols. 56/1-6).List of documents sent to Castle Howard, Yorkshire, 1889 (HNP vols. 57/1) and miscellaneous schedules, correspondence, papers, accounts, legal documents etc. re manorial and estate business, 18th-20th centuries (boxes E and G).

Northumberland estate

  • Documents and papers relating to the Northumberland estates, especially Morpeth and Longbenton, 18th-20th centuries, including a 1749 plan of the Longbenton estate, together with reports on Northumberland mines and railways, ca.1811-1837 (box XXVI).
  • Two printed catalogues, one including plans, relating to the sales of parts of the Howards' Northumberland estates in 1915 (HNP vols. 57/12-13; for related material see description of the HNP 1982 accession).

Acquisition Information

Deposited with the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic of the University of Durham (since 1990 part of the Archives and Special Collections department of Durham University Library) on 9 July 1971 by Messrs. Cartmell, solicitors, of Brampton, Cumberland, land agents to the Howard family company, through the Cumberland County Archivist.

Other Finding Aids

Two typescript draft summary lists, one of them an accession check-list and the other partially classifying the records according to type of documents.