Howard of Naworth Papers: Volumes

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  • Dates of Creation
      16th-20th centuries but chiefly 19th-20th centuries
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Scope and Content

Approximately 1,020 volumes, most of them relating to manorial and estate business on the Howards' Cumberland and Northumberland estates, 16th-20th centuries but chiefly 19th-20th centuries, and created or accumulated by Howard agents or in the Howard estate offices.

The largest number of volumes concerns the section of the estate centred on the Barony of Gilsland in Cumberland. There is a smaller quantity of material relating to the Howards' estates in Northumberland, chiefly concerning the Morpeth area. More information on the Cumberland and Northumberland material is given below. The volumes also contain a little material on places and properties in other regions, chiefly in Yorkshire and County Durham. For fuller details of the geographical range of this section of the collection and of the nature of the manorial and estate material mentioned below see the general description of the Howard of Naworth Papers under Administrative etc. history. There is a good deal of overlap between these volumes and material in other sections of the Howard of Naworth Papers.

Predominantly Cumberland material: This includes:

  • Various schedules of and reports on documents (some of them also containing references to Northumberland material).
  • Register of deeds etc. of properties belonging to Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, and his family (the Earl of Arundel and Lord Lumley), probably compiled in the 16th century.
  • Register of copies of documents relating to Dacre properties in Cumberland, Westmorland, Chester and Bedford, with several surveys and rentals, probably compiled in the 16th century. (For more details of the Howard and Dacre families see general description of the Howard of Naworth Papers.)
  • Barony of Gilsland manorial records (including some material re adjacent Northumberland manors of Thirlwall and Featherstone).
  • Various surveys, valuations, registers of abstracts of deeds, volumes relating to tenancies and farms.
  • Two court books (court baron and customary court), 1721-1733, 1736-1752.
  • Two court books (including admittances of tenants), 1826-1876, 1876-1925.
  • Court book labelled Minute book, 1840-1915.
  • Five summary court books (including some duplication and drafts) covering ca.1787- 1939.
  • Two admittance counterfoil books, 1849-1850, 1865.
  • Eight call books covering 1828-1923 (for earlier call books in this series see C178- C180D in published catalogues).
  • Manor of Brackenthwaite and Newbiggin call roll, ca.1731-1785.
  • Manor of Askerton [call roll], 1897-1924 [chiefly blank].
  • Various rental registers and registers of ancient rents.
  • Various fine books and fine assessment books, including details of general fines for 1655, 1685, 1692, 1738 and 1769, a dropping fines book, 1671-1682 and a dropping fines assessment book, 1760.
  • Two volumes containing copies of manorial wills proved ca.1839-1866 and 1870- 1943.
  • Volumes re enfranchisements, 18th-20th centuries.
  • A few stock-books and cropping books.
  • A few sets of maps, chiefly Ordnance Survey but including C. and I. Greenwood's printed plan of Cumberland (in five sections) with a View of Carlisle, 1823.
  • Financial records, including cash books, day books, journals, ledgers, extensive series of bound vouchers and invoices.
  • Colliery material, including some reports but chiefly accounts.
  • Wood accounts, various.
  • Buildings and drainage material, chiefly accounts.
  • Copies of documents relating to Eden fisheries, 1651-1882.
  • Various sets of 19th and 20th-century letter books, chiefly re the estates and clerk of works business but also including some Lord Carlisle letter books, 1856-1904.
  • Some sets of bound press-cuttings, including reports of: Brampton Board meetings, 1889-1892; Brampton Parish Council meetings, 1894-1926; and Brampton Rural District Council meetings, 1894-1926.

Northumberland material: This includes:

  • Court book for the manor of Ulgham, 1619-1653, and the manor of Stannington, 1626-1641.
  • Manor and borough of Morpeth: (temporary reference HNP vols.43/1-6) six court books, 1696-1720 (including some entries re courts of the manor and barony of Morpeth Castle, 1696-1706, three entries re the manor of Longbenton or Benton Magna, 1699 and 1705, and one entry re the manor of Heddon-on-the-Wall, 1705), 1706-1735, 1736-1770, 1771-1799, 1800-1833, 1833-1883.
  • Manor and barony of Morpeth Castle: (temporary reference HNP vols.43/7-9) three court books, 1706-1769, 1770-1842, 1843-1874. (For other material on Morpeth, including court records and borough affairs, see description of main series of Northumberland material among the Howard of Naworth Papers.)
  • Nine volumes of Northumberland rentals covering 1758, 1768-1776.
  • Seven volumes of Northumberland rental ledgers covering 1797-1854 and 1870- 1915.
  • Two volumes of Morpeth rentals, 1879-1892, 1893-1915.
  • Set of six maps of Northumberland by J. Fryer and Sons, 1820.
  • Volume containing plans of Ulgham estate, n.d. [19th century].
  • Volume containing plans and details of acreages of Northumberland farms, n.d. [?ca.1860].
  • Volume re Morpeth estate buildings, ca.1888-1915.
  • Financial records, 18th-20th centuries, including cash books, statements, sixty-three volumes of Morpeth estate accounts, 1875-1912 (the volumes for 1888-1910 being duplicated) and various wood account books.
  • Volume containing details of expenditure on elections at Morpeth, 1830-1853. (For other material on Morpeth elections see description of main series of Northumberland material among the Howard of Naworth Papers.)
  • Some sets of bound press-cuttings, including reports of Haltwhistle District Council Meetings, 1907-1910.


The volumes have not yet been arranged in any classified order. At certain points in the sequence volumes of a similar type (e.g. fine books, schedules) or from a series (e.g. court books, invoices) have been brought together but in other areas the arrangement is much more haphazard. Volumes from the July 1971 accession have been placed temporarily at the end of the sequence.

Acquisition Information

Most of the volumes in this part of the collection came to Durham with the first deposits of Howard of Naworth Papers received from M.R.H. Minerals Ltd. in 1954 and 1960, but were not included in the four catalogues of material in these accessions which were published between 1967 and 1970 (although those parts of the Howard of Naworth Papers covered by the published catalogues do include many other volumes, some of which relate closely to the items described under Scope and content).

A few of the volumes covered by these notes came with later deposits, in particular those made in May 1967 and July 1971 by Messrs. Cartmell, solicitors, of Brampton, Cumberland, land agents to the Howard family company. A small additional Howard of Naworth deposit, made on 2 June 1975 by Wilfrid Roberts, grandson of the 9th Earl of Carlisle, through Messrs. Cartmell and the Cumberland County Archivist, consisted entirely of four volumes (an additional copy of Edward Bowman's survey of the Barony of Gilsland, 1828-1830, in two volumes, and two Naworth Castle expenditure cash books, 1909-1911, 1911-1913) which were added to the main series of volumes.

Other Finding Aids

At present there is just an unclassified shelf-list of this group of material, which has been keyed but not proof-read and is only available for consultation in the Archives and Special Collections search-room. Volumes are temporarily referenced by their shelf number followed by their item number on the shelf.

Alternative Form Available

Durham University Library: negative microfilms of the nine volumes of Morpeth court rolls (temporary reference HNP vols.43/1-9) described under Scope and content.

Northumberland Record Office: positive microfilms of the above nine volumes of Morpeth court rolls.

Separated Material

Northumberland Record Office: ZAN M.16 B.27 Morpeth court roll fragments, 1632, 1653, 1654, 1656, 1658, 1659, 1660, 1668.