Howard of Naworth Papers 1995/1996 accession: Cumberland and Northumberland (supplementary deposit)

Scope and Content

Supplementary accession consisting of Cumberland estate papers and Cumberland and Northumberland Ordnance Survey plans, 19th-20th centuries. For fuller details of the geographical range of this section of the collection see the general description of the Howard of Naworth Papers under Administrative etc. history. There is related material in other sections of the Howard of Naworth Papers, in particular the main series of Cumberland material, the separate series of plans (which includes other groups of Ordnance Survey plans) and the 1982 supplementary accession.

This material is arranged in two parts:

Part 1. Cumberland estate papers 125 bundles of papers etc. relating to the Cumberland estate, most of them numbered, and seven separate folders containing similar material, received in two separate instalments but now arranged in one amalgamated numerical sequence.

Most bundles etc. have not yet been fully examined but the contents appear to date chiefly from ca.1900-1960s (mainly early 20th-century), although some items from the last quarter of the 19th century appear. Many of the bundles concern tenancy matters. Some contain plans.

The first part of the numerical sequence (up to bundle 153) consists of bundles etc. of papers relating to individual properties on the estate, arranged alphabetically by property. The remainder of the sequence also contains some bundles etc. of papers relating to individual properties, although arranged in a more haphazard sequence, but in addition includes other bundles which cover more general topics, e.g. advowsons; brick works; colliery cottages, lands and cowkeepers; cooperative stores; reading rooms; schools; shooting; water supplies; and woods.

Part 2. Cumberland and Northumberland Ordnance Survey plans 123 Ordnance Survey plans of Cumberland and Northumberland (areas covered by the Howard estates) at the 25 inch and 6 inch to the mile scales, chiefly first edition, ca.1860-1864, but some of them second edition, ca.1896-1901. Many of the plans are coloured or bear manuscript annotations relating to such features as farm boundaries, names of tenants, sales of land, drainage, crops etc.

The plans have been arranged in the following groups:

  • a) 25 inch OS Cumberland;
  • b) 25 inch OS Northumberland;
  • c) 6 inch OS Cumberland quarter sheet (one item only);
  • d) 6 inch OS Cumberland full sheets;
  • e) 6 inch OS Northumberland full sheets.

Conditions Governing Access

30-year closure.

Acquisition Information

Deposited on 14 June 1995 and 25 July 1996 by Mr. G.R. Windle, Secretary to M.R.H. Minerals Ltd., the Howard family company.

Other Finding Aids

1.Papers Word-processed list of the amalgamated sequence of bundles of papers etc. in this accession. In most cases the list merely records the labels on the bundles etc. since the contents of the majority of bundles have not yet been examined in detail.

2. Ordnance Survey plans Manuscript list of the plans arranged as under Scope and content and giving details of the sheet number and edition of each plan and in some cases the parish covered. Also catalogued on Library catalogue.

It is intended that these plans will also eventually be covered by the union list of plans in the Howard of Naworth collection which is described in the separate section on plans.

Conditions Governing Use

Some of the plans are in need of minor repair or encapsulation. Many of them need cleaning.

Custodial History

Originally kept in the Howard Cumbrian estate office then temporarily housed at the home of the depositor.