Affairs at St. Kitts

Scope and Content

(i) The Jordan Burke case - an overseer and a negro wench (former's desire to get his negro son made free). Burke in his letter of 25 July 1760 says he writes direct to London because Manager Queely had made "some excuse" for not doing so; in reality, Truman, Douglas and Co.'s communication of 17 January 1760 proves that Queely has written on the subject months previously. The merchant's advice is that Burke's boy should get his freedom if a negro of equal value should be placed on the St. Kitts estate, 1760-1761

(ii) Inventory and appraisement of buildings, utensils, list of negroes, names, condition, value, October 1761

(iii) Agitation for development in 1765-1767. Letters by and to ellis Yonge. Various estimates of cost of new windmill etc. Statements and opinion from Alexander Douglas, James Ward, Thomas Palmer and Rowland Statham. Printed "A description of a new constructed and improved mill by Edward Woollery, Esq. of Jamaica with a plan of the same

(iv) Letter, 3 June 1768 making accusations against the management of Mr Cale [?Queely]