Accounts of the Nevis plantation

Scope and Content

(i) Questions and answers on the Nevis plantation

(ii) Nevis plantation account, 1770-1771 (Manager : James Ward)

(iii) Account of John Robinson with the Stapleton legatees (1773). Owing to him £81 13. 5. Particulars given of his expenses in coming out West from London. Signed 21 July 1774.

(iv) List of debts against Lady Stapleton's Nevis estate contracted for in Mr Queely's time and paid by John Robinson". By far the most interesting items are those concerning negroes - engrossing bills of sales for negreos bought at St. Vincent, money for provisions"for Sea Store for the Negroes from thence to Nevis", powders for sick negroes, bills of sale for negroes bought at Dominica, bill for dressing sores, £14 for a quarter cask of Madeira wine for sick negroes etc. Signed 21 July 1774 by John Robinson. N.B. These negro purchases of Robinson's were later very severely criticised because of the poor quality bought (James Nisbet to Ellis Young, 28 August 1784)

(v) List of debts contracted in Mr Ward's time an dpaid by John Robinson. One big item is a sum of £37 for repairing the spout which conveys the water from the river to the works". Signed by Robinson on 21 July 1774

(vi) Account, mainly for six mules. Signed by Robinson on the aforesaid date

(vii) Account chiefly for expenses of journeys to St. Kitts, Dominica and St. Vincent for advertisement regarding mules and negroes etc. (March and July 1774). signed 21 July 1774 by John Robinson

(viii) Accout of John Robinson with the heirs of the later Lady Stapleton, 21 July 1774

(ix) Letter from John Robinson, Boston to Lady Stapleton (20 October 1774). Buying timber and bricks for projected new buildings on plantations, and hoping to pay for the greater part with the rum and sugar he has bought with him. Melancholy account of Nevis estate. Analysis of his own prospects

(x) Account of Isaac Pilcher with the Stapleton's (1773-1774). It is not clear what Pilcher was in Nevis but the balance of £8 6. 73/4. due to him at the end of the account is found entered as paid by Robinson.