Papers relating to Nevis affairs

Scope and Content

(i) Walter Nisbet's note to Mrs Catherine Stapleton, enclosing instructions to Daniell

(ii) Copy instructions referred to in (i). Emphasises necessity of great economy and frequent consultation with the "attorneys", no provisions to be planted in the cane-holes "which I am informed has been the practice of late [in Hutton's days] to the detriment of the crops of sugar, though much of the private advantage of a manager". Specifies number of negroes necessary for the manager's own domestic use

(iii) Mrs Stapleton's incomplete copy of (ii)

(iv) Letter from Daniell to Mrs Stapleton (3 August 1789). Thanks her for introducing his children to the notice of Sir Robert Cotton. Refers to damage done by the heavy rains and the borer insect. One hogshead of sugar reserved for the clergyman resident, and one for the use of the estate overseers. The Daniell management was not an unqualified success. According to Neave's letter of 31 October 1794, Daniell had been discharged by the orders of Dean Shipley; but he was still on the island in 1795. It must be noted, too, that Nisbet had recommended Daniell for Nevis as early as 1782 i.e. two years before Hutton was recalled.